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What is Deus Medical Oxandrolone?

Deus Medical Oxandrolone is a dietary supplement manufactured by Deus Laboratories with the primary purpose of building, maintaining and increasing muscle mass. It is an androgen and anabolic (male hormone) steroid that has very low androgenic qualities and has been clinically proven to produce predictable and safe results when taken applying strictly the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is composed of Oxandrolone, a naturally derived anabolic steroid that is highly acclaimed in the bodybuilding community for attaining attainable and realistic muscle and strength goals.

Features & Benefits

Deus Medical Oxandrolone offers various benefits to those who want to build and maintain muscle mass. This supplement helps to:

  • Increase strength and power of muscles.
  • Achieve leaner and bigger muscles in a shorter period of time.
  • Increase speed and stamina during exercise activity.
  • Develop health bones, joints and connective tissues for better resistance.
  • It is low in toxicity and has few and manageable side effects.
  • Ease discomfort in joints and areas affected by physical exercise.
  • Boost energy levels and libido.

How To Take Deus Medical Oxandrolone

Deus Medical Oxandrolone should be taken as directed by your doctor or healthcare practitioner. It is recommended to take this supplement with food or milk for better absorption. A typical dosage cycle for beginners may include 0.25 mg per kilo of body weight per day which then should be increased up to 0.5 mg per kilo per day for experienced bodybuilders. Your doctor may recommend a different dosage depending on your individual needs. The dosage cycle should never exceed 6-8 weeks and should always be followed by a pause of 4-6 weeks in order to prevent negative adverse effects and allow the body to minimize the possibility of side effects.

How To Store Deus Medical Oxandrolone

Deus Medical Oxandrolone should be stored at room temperature, away from light and moisture. Following an airtight seal, it can be maintained for up to two years. Nobody except for authorized personnel should be allowed to access the product.

What Are The Indications And Contraindications Of Taking Deus Medical Oxandrolone?

It is recommended for adults only and should not be taken by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as its effects are yet to be determined. This supplement can help those with weak bones, joints, and connective tissue, particularly in bodybuilding and physical exercise. It should not be used as a substitute for adequate physical training, diet control, and good rest.

What Does Deus Medical Oxandrolone Offer To The Buyer?

Deus Medical Oxandrolone has become a valuable supplement due to its proven safety and its ability to attain realistic muscle and strength goals in a shorter period of time compared to any other supplement. It is low in toxicity and has few and manageable side effects when taken as directed. It offers numerous other benefits such as Increasing strength and power, developing healthy bones and joints, boosting energy levels, and easing discomfort. That is why it is becoming increasingly popular among bodybuilders and athletes who need to gain and maintain muscle mass.

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